Orenda Center Programs

The Orenda Center offers high-quality mental health & substance abuse treatment programs specifically created for full-spectrum care in Frederick County, MD.

To best serve our clients, The Orenda Center provides interventions
tailored for each individual to reduce their life-impacting behaviors and symptoms.

Orenda offers a range of programs that meet each individual at their current place in life. Whether it be substance abuse or mental health treatment, we are prepared to assess the level of need and support you through various programming options.

Our 25-bed inpatient facility aims to serve women during their substance abuse recovery treatment. Orenda is an ASAM 3.3 level treatment provider. The average length of stay is 28 days but is dependent on insurance and treatment needs.

Orenda provides outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment through outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization. Psychiatric services are also offered through out-patient treatment.

Clients in need of mental health treatment will be assessed for symptoms, needs, and functioning by a licensed clinician. Treatment goals and frequency of treatment will be determined by the client and clinician. We believe in empowering individuals to fully understand their symptoms and where they stem from. 

Substance Abuse treatment is offered at both inpatient and outpatient levels. Clients will begin with a brief phone intake and then assigned a more formal assessment. Clients will be provided will have the opportunity to receive support at any level of their recovery within a judgment-free zone.

Case management is offered to clients at the Orenda outpatient location. Clients will have the opportunity to regularly meet with a case manager. The case managers will provide support to reduce obstacles that prevent the client from obtaining various personal goals. 

Orenda is excited to offer Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy in the coming months. Our horses, Adam and Macho, are preparing for their roles. Please contact Orenda to obtain more information.

Recovery is Possible -
and you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to get it. We can help.
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