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Visitation Information.

At The Orenda Center of Wellness, we are dedicated and promise to provide Person-Centered Quality Treatment. Please take the time to review the information below before visiting our Treatment Center.

Choosing treatment at The Orenda Center of Wellness means choosing life. We bring hope to hopelessness, joy to despair. We replace fear with faith. We empower women to find their voice and by making the decision to get into treatment, your loved one begins at a designated point along the path of recovery. We believe that The Orenda Center of Wellness is that crucial first step in that journey.

Recovery starts here and it continues in the life that your loved one creates for themselves. This is encouraged by the comprehensive and holistic plan we have developed for their time here, as well as an intensive continuing care program to help them transition to everyday life with ease and confidence. The program here integrates a balance of medical, psychological, spiritual, holistic and 12 step practices. Our staff here at The Orenda Center of Wellness work with your loved one to develop the plan that best fits their needs.

Here, our staff and team of professionals oversees your loved one’s care. We are committed to continuing our connections with The Orenda Center of Wellness alumni and their families to develop that strong support system that begins here.

In that spirit, we welcome you to visitation at The Orenda Center of Wellness, where client care is our top priority. Please read the following guidelines and abide by them while visiting her at The Orenda Center of Wellness:

Please wear your visitor badge at all times.

Please leave all cell phones, purses, cameras, backpacks/tote bags, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and weapons locked in your car.

Please turn in car keys at check in. You can retrieve them at the conclusion of visitation.

If you have brought your loved one a package, please leave it with staff at check in.

*Packages are limited to clothing, books and sealed cigarette boxes

Please do not give food or medication, including over the counter medication to any community member.

Please do not enter the residential building and do not walk beyond the garden, the horses are off limits.

No smoking is allowed during visitation. 

Please do not go into the fields beyond the parking lot.

No community member is to go to the parking lot for any reason.

While you are here visiting, please take time to enjoy the peace and serenity of our campus. The grounds are here to provide healing for our residents and you as well! 

In order to make sure that the privacy and wellbeing of our residents is maintained, please remind yourself of the following regulations:

We understand that making the decision to come to treatment is often a difficult one, and that it is not only a stressful time for the resident, but also for their family and friends as well. . Our clients are NOT permitted visitation during the first 5 days of treatment. Visitation is an important part of the healing process for our clients and their loved ones. We encourage our clients to invite you and they often look forward to the support and encouragement of visitation, providing you a chance to experience the first steps of their recovery journey. 

Visitation begins each Sunday with orientation at 12:00pm and concludes at 2:15pm.

Each resident may invite up to 3 adult visitors each week. They may invite as many children (ages 17 and under) as they wish for visitation each week.

Visitors MUST arrive by 11:45am and MUST attend orientation in order to visit their loved ones. 

Please ensure that the resident you wish to see has submitted your name for the Visitation List. If you are unsure, please call in advance to verify. Anyone whose name is not on the Visitation List will be turned away. We take the security of your loved one very seriously and thank you for your understanding.

Total commitment from family can make all the difference in the ability to obtain lifelong recovery. It takes participation from the entire support system to get well and enjoy everyday experiences again. We invite you to ask our staff questions and share concerns you have in regards to the care and treatment of your loved one while there are at The Orenda Center of Wellness.

For more information, please contact us at

Thank you!
We look forward to meeting you. 

17645 Harbaugh Valley Road
Sabillasville, Maryland 21780​

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