The Orenda Difference

The Orenda Center started as a dream from three friends who became keenly aware of a gap in services in Frederick County. 

The Orenda Center is unique to Frederick County in many ways, such as being the only inpatient treatment center exclusive to women and the first agency to offer partial hospitalization for substance abuse. In addition, we focus on full-wrap services to support clients through every step of their recovery- this includes vocational training.

Kelsea Kephart, Darian Harwood, and Nicole Tabbachino were direct providers working within mental health in the community. After continuing to see the impact of addiction they asked themselves “why not us?” and sought support to turn their vision into reality.

We are asked often “What does Orenda mean?” Orenda is an Iroquoian word that is defined as the power in each person to create change within themselves and others. This word was chosen to set the theme for treatment at Orenda. We believe everyone has the ability to create change within themselves and we are grateful to be a part of it.

The Orenda Center’s goal is to meet you where you are, where we can help empower you to create change. We recognize that every person is different and therefore their goals, experiences, and needs vary. Orenda offers a wide range of services that are conceptualized to provide quality individualized care.

In addition, we believe true recovery and success is found in strong support systems, community involvement, and self-awareness. Through this mindset, we provide detail-oriented services that are ready to support you throughout your journey.

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