Equine Facilitated Psychotheraphy

Equine Facilitated Psychotheraphy

What is Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT)?
This type of therapeutic intervention has grown in popularity over the last decade. Many different health professionals now work alongside horses in order to help their clients.

We know that being with horses can teach us much about relationships and successful communication and getting to know individual horses through a range of activities. These activities can be grooming, haltering, leading and lunging may help us become more aware of our own processes; mentally and physically.  

How does it help?
Horses don’t criticize and are non-judgmental. They are sensitive and responsive to your every intent. Horses can detect your emotions and usually immediately provide an honest response. This type of interaction and opportunity to explore behavioral issues in a non-confrontational way is an amazing way of developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills. 

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